Who is the better Superman: Henry Cavill or Christopher Reeve?


There was a lot debate over which actor performed the most effective Superman, with Christopher Reeve and Henry Cavill often being the highest two candidates. Having each performed the Man of Metal probably the most on the silver display screen, many individuals sometimes affiliate them with Superman every time the hero involves thoughts.

Nevertheless, there are nonetheless arguments over who performed the Blue Boy Scout greatest. So with Cavill about to exit the DCEU and David Corenswet about to be the new Superman, it’s time to settle this debate and clarify who’s the higher Superman.

Cavill’s Superman has higher villains

General Zod in "The Flash."

Although Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor and Terrence Stamp’s Zod are thought-about classic Superman villains, they actually don’t maintain up at present and are primarily seen by a nostalgic lens. Hackman’s villain is a campy however crooked businessman who simply desires to get richer and extra highly effective, which doesn’t strike a lot worry into the hearts of Superman or the viewers. On the identical time, Stamp’s character is a hammy and power-hungry warlord who desires to take over Earth, seeing himself as superior to humanity in a historically evil approach.

In distinction, the DCEU’s Superman had extra layered and threatening villains in his rogues’ gallery. Zod is extra menacing and sympathetic for attempting to destroy the Earth to construct a brand new Krypton following its destruction, feeling it’s his proper and function as a Kryptonian chief. Additionally, even when Jesse Eisenberg’s Luthor isn’t that good, he’s nonetheless higher than Hackman’s, as he sees Superman as an unjust menace to the world on account of his hateful and twisted views of God, and he briefly succeeds in turning Batman and Superman towards one another earlier than killing the latter with Doomsday.

As well as, Zack Snyder’s Steppenwolf is a monstrous however regretful alien who desires to create unity by stripping everybody of free will, in addition to to return house after being banished for treason. And whereas Darkseid didn’t get a lot screentime within the DCEU as a big bad villain, he nonetheless forged a terrifying shadow over Superman and the multiverse due to the nightmarish future he’s destined to create after breaking and brainwashing the Man of Metal.

Cavill’s Superman is a extra practical hero

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

When Reeve’s Superman reveals himself to the world to assist folks and cease crime all through Metropolis, everybody instantly welcomes him as a hero. In distinction, Cavill’s Superman is detained the minute he rears his head to cease Common Zod, and this worry persists even after defending the planet for nearly two years.

The latter character exhibits how the folks of Earth would actually react if a nigh-invincible alien with world-ending powers appeared. Humanity wouldn’t instantly welcome him as their savior; they might understandably worry him. The DCEU’s Superman thus stands out as a deconstruction of the idealized American fantasy behind the long-lasting hero, questioning whether or not or not such a determine can really exist in the true world at present as he did within the comics.

Reeve’s Superman is extra skilled

Warner Bros.

Although Cavill’s Superman spent years touring Earth in Man of Metal, he was a really inexperienced hero who had solely simply discovered to fly by the point Zod arrived on Earth. As a result of his lack of time on the battlefield, he was a sloppy fighter who precipitated an excessive amount of collateral harm, as proven by all of the destruction and casualties left throughout his battle with Zod in Metropolis.

However by the point Reeve’s hero left the Fortress of Solitude in Superman: The Film, he had spent 12 years coaching with Jor-El’s hologram to grasp his powers, making him a conscientious and strategic hero the second he strikes to Metropolis. Because of this, he was extra conscious and protecting of the lives caught within the crossfire whereas combating Zod in Superman II, properly selecting to maneuver the battle far-off to the Fortress of Solitude.

Cavill’s Superman has higher battle scenes

Superman lies in Man of Steel.

Although Reeve’s Superman made audiences consider a person may fly, he was considerably missing within the fight division. Since visible results have been nonetheless of their infancy again within the ’70s, Reeve solely engaged in a number of slow-paced motion scenes as Superman that don’t precisely look good at present.

Thankfully, due to the developments in CGI main as much as Man of Metal, Cavill’s Superman let audiences see some excellent fights as he defended Earth from evil. His explosive, high-octane fights with Zod and Doomsday appear to be they have been taken out of a shōnen anime, showcasing the hero’s true energy in an astonishing spectacle.

Reeve’s Superman is extra optimistic

Superman II
Warner Bros.

Since Cavill’s hero struggles to seek out his place in a bleak and fearful world, his character doesn’t encourage the identical form of optimism as his predecessor. The dour tone of his story is greatest embodied by the muted coloration palette of his first two movies. Nevertheless, his interior battle solely shows the true humanity in his character and the way even the Man of Metal could be fallible like everybody else. Additionally, the DCEU’s Superman does develop to be extra just like the comedian e-book hero followers know and love over time, along with his arc reaching its completion following his resurrection in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Then again, Reeve’s Superman is an embodiment of hope and positivity by and thru, as he has no downside combating for humanity and standing for “fact, justice, and the American approach.” He did quit his powers to be with Lois Lane in his second movie, however on the finish of the day, he by no means loses confidence in himself or his skills, and he all the time stands up for what’s proper.

Cavill’s Superman is just not overpowered like Reeve’s

Man Of Steel header

Reeve’s Superman was notoriously overpowered. He may in some way reverse time, erase Lois’s reminiscence with a kiss, and restore the Nice Wall of China simply by taking a look at it. He may additionally throw his “S” image from his chest as a cellophane web to catch his enemies. Whereas a few of these powers might not be thought-about canon now, they show how some writers used Kal-El’s ambiguous, alien nature so as to add no matter skill was handy for them and the story.

In distinction, Cavill’s hero sticks to the character’s conventional powers, which embrace tremendous energy, lightning-fast velocity, ultra-sensitive listening to, flight, warmth imaginative and prescient, X-ray imaginative and prescient, and ice breath. Whereas this contemporary Superman is extraordinarily highly effective, the viewers is aware of his strengths and weaknesses early on, making his conflicts extra suspenseful and fewer contrived.

So which Superman is healthier?

Superman stares ahead in Man of Steel.

Whereas Christopher Reeve has been extensively hailed because the gold customary for taking part in superheroes, the general execution of Superman and his story was arguably finished higher in Henry Cavill’s movies.

He could have had a lackluster run because the Man of Metal, however due to his killer battle scenes, well-written character, practical story, and spectacular set of villains, Cavill has confirmed himself to be the superior Superman.

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