What to do with the Severed Hand in Remnant 2


As you’re employed your means by the a number of difficult and mysterious biomes in Remnant 2, you’ll uncover all kinds of vital objects that can discover their means into your stock. Most of those are used to resolve puzzles, open doorways, or in any other case have interaction with the sport world not directly. However in case you’ve come throughout the Severed Hand and questioned why you haven’t discovered a use for it but, there’s purpose for that. We’ll share what to do with the Severed Hand beneath.

What to do with the Severed Hand in Remnant 2

Once you’re trudging by The Nice Sewer, you might come throughout the Severed Hand, which you’ll shoot down from a cage hanging excessive above you. However as you proceed your journey by the dank underground part of Losomn, you’ll discover that this merchandise seemingly has no use to you in any respect. It is because it’s not really a puzzle or key in any respect – it’s simply meant to be examined. By opening up your stock and inspecting the Severed Hand, you’ll be capable of work together with the ring on its finger to obtain considered one of two totally different rings. Which one you get is randomized on every playthrough, so you’ll clearly want to seek out the Severed Hand a number of instances to get them each, which you are able to do by rerolling Losomn on the World Stone.

The 2 rings you’ll be able to obtain are:

  • Ring of the Damned – Will increase your injury by 10% whereas grey well being is current.
  • Robust Arm Band – Will increase your throw distance by 30 and improves fight consumables effectiveness by 0.5%.

No matter which merchandise you get, although, isn’t it simply good to not be carrying round a hand anymore?

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