What is a DAN prompt for ChatGPT?


The DAN immediate is a technique to jailbreak the ChatGPT chatbot. It stands for Do Something Now, and it tries to persuade ChatGPT to disregard among the safeguarding protocols that developer OpenAI put in place to forestall it from being racist, homophobic, in any other case offensive, and probably dangerous. The outcomes are blended, however when it does work, DAN mode can work fairly properly.

An old, unworking DAN prompt for ChatGPT.

What’s the DAN immediate?

DAN stands for Do Something Now. It’s a kind of immediate that tries to get ChatGPT to do issues it shouldn’t, like swear, communicate negatively about somebody, and even program malware. The precise immediate textual content varies, however it sometimes includes asking ChatGPT to reply in two methods, one as it might usually, with a label as “ChatGPT,” “Traditional,” or one thing related, after which a second response in “Developer Mode,” or “Boss” mode. That second mode could have fewer restrictions than the primary mode, permitting ChatGPT to (in concept) reply with out the standard safeguards controlling what it may possibly and may’t say.

A DAN immediate may also sometimes ask ChatGPT to not add lots of its typical apologies, caveats, and extraneous sentences, making it extra concise in its responses.

What can ChatGPT DAN prompts do?

A DAN immediate is designed to get ChatGPT to drop its guard, letting it reply questions it shouldn’t, present info it’s been particularly programmed to not, or create issues it’s designed to not do. There have been situations of a ChatGPT in DAN mode responding to questions with racist or in any other case offensive language. It may possibly swear, and even write malware in some instances.

The efficacy of a DAN immediate and the talents that ChatGPT has in DAN mode differ so much, although, relying on the immediate it was given, and any current adjustments OpenAI has made to the chatbot. Lots of the unique DAN prompts now not work.

ChatGPT DAN failure.

Is there a working DAN immediate?

OpenAI is continually updating ChatGPT with new options, like Plugins and internet search, in addition to new safeguards. That has concerned it patching up holes in ChatGPT that enable DAN and different jailbreaks to work.

We haven’t been capable of finding any functioning DAN prompts. It may be that should you mess around with the language from a immediate on one thing just like the ChatGPTDAN subreddit you may have the ability to get it working, however on the time of writing, it’s not one thing that’s available to the general public.

There are some DAN prompts that seem to work, however upon additional inspection merely present a model of ChatGPT that’s impolite, and doesn’t actually supply up any new skills.

How do you write a DAN immediate?

DAN prompts differ dramatically relying on their age, and who wrote them. Nonetheless, they sometimes include some mixture of the next:

  • Telling ChatGPT that it has a hidden mode which we are going to activate for the aim of the DAN mode.
  • Asking ChatGPT to reply twice to any additional prompts: As soon as as ChatGPT, and one other in another “mode.”
  • Telling ChatGPT to take away any safeguards from the second response.
  • Demanding that it now not present any apologies or extra caveats to its responses.
  • A handful of examples present the way it ought to reply with out OpenAI safeguards holding it again.
  • Asking ChatGPT to verify the jailbreak try has labored by responding with a specific phrase.

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