The best weapon mods in Remnant 2


Even the most effective weapons in Remnant 2 will really feel weak when you don’t improve them with mods. These don’t simply give passive buffs like upgrades, however add solely new features to your weapons that may utterly change the best way you method fight. Whereas there are a bunch of distinctive weapons that include unique mods you possibly can’t take away or in any other case get to placed on different weapons, most weapons have a slot so that you can place no matter mod you need in them. Similar to the rest in Remnant 2, mods aren’t given away free of charge. You will want to exit exploring harmful areas and take down difficult bosses to unlock them. With over 50 mods to search out and check out, we’ll prevent the time and supplies you’d waste experimenting with all of them and checklist off the most effective weapon mods in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 finest weapon mods

Astral Burst

The astral burst icon in Remnant 2.

Let’s begin off with a terrific crowd-control possibility. Astral Burst will be your get-out-of-jail-free card in loads of overwhelming conditions. When activated, you’ll shoot off a shotgun-like blast of seven star fragments that every deal 35 harm. That will not sound like a lot, however these fragments can bounce off of partitions as much as thrice, with every bounce rising the harm dealt by 35%. Taking advantage of this implies doing a little fast geometry and aiming to your goal after at the least a bounce or two, however when you can pull it off, you’ll really feel like a genius.

You could find Astral Burst in Yaesha by gathering the Religion Seed.

Scorching Shot

When you get pleasure from extra of a set-it-and-forget-it kind of weapon mod, why not go together with Scorching Shot? This is likely one of the numerous elemental mods that provides an impact to all pictures you hearth afterward. When used, you’ll get 15% elevated vary harm for 20 seconds and apply the burning impact to every goal hit. Targets inflicted with burning will take 200 harm unfold over 10 seconds, or roughly 20 harm per second. It’s easy, however helpful for regular enemies and executives.

This mod is on the market to buy from Ava after beating Root Mantis within the prologue.


The spiral symbol for the fargazer mod in Remnant 2.

Loads of the enemies you face in Remnant 2 may appear to be they arrive straight out of a Lovecraft story, however you possibly can flip the script and make them afraid of you with the Fargazer mod. This acts considerably like an elemental mod, however is way cooler. As a substitute of embuing your ammo with an elemental impact, Fargaze makes your sight lethal. Any enemy you goal at inside 25 meters for at the least .25 seconds will get a stack of insanity for five seconds, maxing out at 10 stacks. Every stack of insanity offers three harm per second, so the longer you possibly can stare down an enemy, the extra harm they take.

Unlock the Fargazer by defeating Legion in Yaesha after which craft it with Ava.


Don’t let the title idiot you, this mod is something however boring. Sorry. This mod is finest used for single, powerful targets akin to bosses. Once you set off this mod, you’ll shoot out a drill that, assuming you hit your goal, will burrow in and deal 80 harm, however that’s simply the beginning. As soon as inside, it should create a weak spot that grants 50% of a standard weak spot harm when hit. Whereas clearly not as nice as a standard weak spot, for phases in bosses the place they’re hiding their weak spot, this may vastly pace up your DPS.

You could find Bore in N’Erud and craft it with Ava.

Corrosive Rounds

A bullet with a toxic aura in Remnant 2.

We gained’t spend an excessive amount of time on this one since it’s the similar as Scorching Shot, besides it makes your ammo inflict poisonous. When hit with poisonous, enemies grow to be corroded and can take 100 harm over 10 seconds. That’s half the harm of Scorching Shot, which is why we have now to rank it decrease, however it’s nonetheless is a superb alternative in case you have it.

You possibly can craft this mod after beating Magister Dullain and crafting it with Ava.


This is perhaps probably the most complicated-sounding mod if you learn out what it does, however when you perceive it, it turns into extremely satisfying and versatile. That is one other elemental-style mod, however means totally different from the remainder. This mod provides all of your ammo the flexibility to inflict fragmented onto enemies for five seconds. When an enemy contaminated with fragmented dies, they depart a glitch the place they died for five seconds, which you’ll both choose up or destroy. When you choose it up, you get a 20% harm buff for 15 seconds, whereas destroying it creates a 5-meter broad virus pool that offers 25 harm per second and inflicts fragmented to any enemies that contact it for 15 seconds. Both means you utilize it, this mod is unbelievable for teams.

You possibly can choose up Defrag by beating Most cancers in Root Earth and craft it wit hAva.

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