The best places to find Purple, Ice, Pink and Rock Pikmin in Pikmin 4


Whereas there have been solely the bottom Pikmin varieties of Crimson, Blue, and Yellow within the authentic sport, there at the moment are 9 differing kinds in Pikmin 4. All of the originals return, as you’ll anticipate, however loads of new and thrilling ones are launched. Each nonetheless has a novel benefit that lets you do new issues and get to new areas of the large zones, that means you have to to make the most of every one to finish all of your duties. That mentioned, there are some sorts which might be harder to search out than others. Sure, you can make every kind your self by discovering their corresponding onion, nonetheless, some onions aren’t unlocked till very late into your playtime, and even after you’ve beaten the game. If you wish to know one of the best locations to trace down the Purple, Pink, Ice, and Rock Pikmin in Pikmin 4, observe our lead.

The place to search out Purple Pikmin

A purple pikmin stomping the ground.

The Purple Pikmin are the primary kind that’s considerably tough to search out. This sort is beneficial as a result of each has each the carrying capability and weight of 10 Pikmin, creating shockwaves whenever you throw them, however is the slowest of all the categories. The primary degree you’ll be able to encounter them on is Seren Shores. On this map, head into the Engulfed Fort cave. It is a very harmful cave, however in the event you’re simply trying to bolster your numbers, you’ll be able to rush in, accumulate them, and run away.

The place to search out Ice Pikmin

An ice pikmin dancing in a cave.

Ice Pikmin are launched to you very early in Pikmin 4 on the Solar-Speckled Terrace degree. This sort lets you freeze water so you’ll be able to traverse throughout it, in addition to enemies to stop them from attacking. Most caves on this degree have them ready to be recruited, such because the Hectic Hollows, Final-Frost Cavern, and Aquiferous Summit.

The place to search out Pink Pikmin

A pink pikmin flying by a flower.

Pink Pikmin, often known as Winged Pikmin, are notable for, effectively, having the ability to fly after all. This lets them bypass enemies and obstacles to gather objects for you a lot simpler. They’re very uncommon, so with out their onion, you have to to go to Serene Shores and run by way of the Beneath-Grade Discotheque cave.

The place to search out Rock Pikmin

A rock pikmin laying on its side.

Final up, the Rock Pikmin are one other kind you gained’t see till later within the sport. These powerful Pikmin are in a position to destroy crystal partitions, glasses, and shells by ramming them, and are additionally proof against stomp and trample assaults from enemies. The primary cave you’ll be able to decide some up in is known as Kingdom of Beasts on the Blossoming Arcadia degree. Afterward, additionally, you will have the ability to discover some extra in Hero’s Hideaway by exploring the Frozen Inforno and Plunder Palace caves.

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