Patoranking Unveils His ‘World’s Best’ Album


Patoranking: World’s Best Album

Patoranking, the illustrious Nigerian reggae-dancehall virtuoso, has once again graced the music scene with his latest masterpiece, the “World’s Best Album.”

Patoranking World Best Album

In a captivating display of musical prowess, Patoranking has collaborated with an array of esteemed artists from around the globe, transcending boundaries and genres. This album boasts an impressive lineup, featuring the likes of Nigerian music maestro Kizz Daniel, the enchanting English singer Zion Foster, the renowned Jamaican musician Popcaan, the multifaceted American singer and actor Ludacris, the sensational Nigerian music sensation Victony, the soulful Ghanaian female vocalist and songwriter Gyakie, the legendary Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz, and the incomparable Jamaican singer Beenie Man.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the tracklist for the “World’s Best Album” by Patoranking:

1. Inshallah
Patoranking sets the tone for his musical journey with this captivating track, promising listeners an extraordinary experience.

Elevating the energy, Patoranking invites us to reach new heights in this electrifying composition.

3. Gyal Like You (Ft. Kizz Daniel)
A collaboration with Kizz Daniel, this track is a harmonious blend of their unique styles, promising to be a fan favorite.

4. Woman of The Year (Ft. Zion Foster)
Zion Foster’s enchanting vocals complement Patoranking’s in this ode to the remarkable women in our lives.

5. Smoke & Vibes
Patoranking infuses this track with a fusion of reggae and dancehall, creating a sonic masterpiece that’s bound to get you moving.

6. Tonight (Ft. Popcaan)
In collaboration with Popcaan, Patoranking delivers a catchy and danceable tune that’s perfect for those memorable nights.

7. Abobi
“Abobi” showcases Patoranking’s versatility, taking us on a musical journey that’s both introspective and captivating.

8. Miracle Baby (Ft. Ludacris)
Teaming up with Ludacris, Patoranking offers a mesmerizing blend of African and American musical influences in this track.

9. Babylon (Ft. Victony)
With Victony by his side, Patoranking delves into thought-provoking themes, exploring the complexities of life.

10. Control Me (Ft. Gyakie)
Gyakie’s soulful voice harmonizes with Patoranking’s in this emotionally charged ballad, touching hearts and souls.

11. Kolo Kolo (Ft. Diamond Platnumz)
Patoranking collaborates with Diamond Platnumz to deliver a pulsating track that’s destined to be a global sensation.

12. Na Na Na
In “Na Na Na,” Patoranking showcases his lyrical prowess and distinctive style.

13. Mama
With heartfelt lyrics, Patoranking pays tribute to the maternal figures who have shaped our lives.

14. Amazing Grace (Ft. Beenie Man)
Beenie Man joins Patoranking in this reggae-infused track, celebrating the grace and rhythm of life.

15. Lighters Up
In the closing track, Patoranking encourages us to raise our lighters and unite in the power of music.

Patoranking’s “World’s Best Album” is a testament to his musical evolution and his ability to bring together artists from diverse backgrounds to create a harmonious masterpiece. It’s an album that transcends borders and invites listeners on a global musical journey that promises to leave an indelible mark on their hearts and souls. So, brace yourselves for a musical voyage like no other as Patoranking takes us to the pinnacle of musical excellence with the “World’s Best Album.”

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