How to remove a PS5 faceplate and install a new one


Magnificence, they are saying, is within the eye of the beholder. In the event you’ve beheld a PlayStation 5 you might have observed it’s a huge console that stands out with its strong white coloration scheme. Its vibrant, daring seems to be will not be for everybody, nonetheless. Thankfully, Sony has come out with a sequence of alternative covers, supplying you with the chance to alter the look of the console to match your fashion. It could sound intimidating at first, nevertheless it’s really one of many best customizations you may make and simply takes a couple of minutes.

A new red cover for a PS5 in an unopened white box.

Earlier than you get began

First, the apparent bit. Earlier than you do something to your PlayStation, be sure that it has been turned off correctly, disconnected from energy, and, in case you have simply been gaming on it, has had time to chill. Take away any USB cables and equipment, and discover a dry, clear floor to work. Have your new covers readily available and able to set up — nobody desires a unadorned PlayStation of their lounge.

Eradicating the highest cowl

The white plastic covers on the highest and backside of the PS5 snap into place, which makes removing simple. Place the console with the PS5 engraving to your high proper. Press your thumb firmly into the plastic just under the brand, and slide your entire high panel to the left. Your entire part will come off in your hand.

The white bottom cover of a PS5 has just been removed, exposing the fan.

Eradicating the underside piece

Flip over your PlayStation, with the entrance of the console nonetheless dealing with you. Grip the upper-left nook of the plastic cowl, and once more apply strain along with your thumb. This time, you may be sliding all the pieces to your proper. It ought to give a small “pop” and are available proper off. We’re able to put the brand new covers on, however now could also be time to wash out any mud or animal hair that has gathered within the console.

Set up the underside

Find the underside cowl, and align it simply to the best of the console. Slide it into place, and press firmly along with your thumb close to the upper-left nook. A clicking sound will let you realize the underside is securely in place.

Set up the brand new high

Flip the console round, once more with the PS5 emblem to your high proper. Align the duvet in order that the PS5 cutout is simply barely to the left of the engraved emblem on the console. Slide the duvet from left to proper, urgent close to the brand as you do. One final click on will let you realize that your job is finished. Congrats on having probably the most fashionable PS5 on the block.

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