How to beat The Corrupter in Remnant 2


As you push by every of Remnant 2‘s biomes, you’ll finally come to some extent the place you’ll need to face down one in all its two doable remaining bosses. Within the case of Yaesha, you’re more likely to run into The Corrupter, a hulking monstrosity that floats across the again of a battlefield and lets its guardian assemble do many of the preventing for it. Whether or not you’re tackling this difficult showdown alone or with some friends, it may be fairly a doozy when you’re unsure find out how to counter a number of the mechanics coming your method. On this information, we’ll let you know find out how to strike down The Corrupter as soon as and for all so you possibly can head to your subsequent vacation spot.

Tips on how to beat The Corrupter

The Corrupter is situated in The Nice Bole in Yaesha, and also you’ll be dealing with the monster down in an area that consists of three lengthy stone walkways which are hovering within the sky. Falling from any of the walkways will lead to prompt dying, so this struggle is as a lot about cautious footing as it’s truly preventing.

The boss itself is floating round on the very far finish of the sector, however it’ll spawn a guardian assemble on one of many pathways that may observe you round. When you harm the guardian assemble’s head sufficient, it’ll finally fall. This can trigger The Corrupter to make use of a few of its personal well being to heal the guardian assemble. Nonetheless, you too can simply shoot at The Corrupter to deal direct harm to it. Relying on the strategy you employ to kill The Corrupter, you possibly can earn one in all two rewards:

  • Defeating the boss with out dropping the guardian assemble will grant you the Hole Coronary heart, which you’ll commerce with McCabe to craft the Stonebreaker melee weapon.
  • Defeating the boss whereas the guardian assemble is down will grant you the Twisted Lazurite, which you’ll commerce with McCabe for the Twisted Arbalest lengthy gun.
Remnant II Many Faces boss fight.
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When you determine to maintain the guardian assemble alive, you’ll have to consistently keep away from its assaults by leaping between the floating platforms whereas taking pictures The Corrupter straight. The guardian assemble will do a spinning assault fairly incessantly, however you shouldn’t be proper up on the enemy anyway, so preserving your distance will make that assault much less regarding. It’ll additionally generally disconnect its arms and swing them round at you, which might be irritating to take care of. However the largest factor to look out for is the leap assault it makes use of to observe you to a brand new platform, so that you’ll need to get as far-off as doable to keep away from the shockwave it causes upon touchdown.

Capturing The Corrupter itself is a simple course of, although, as its gigantic weak spot is kind of simple to hit. Nonetheless, after taking down about half of its well being, it’ll start charging up a particularly lethal beam that may cowl a whole platform and will probably kill you in a single blast. If you see it charging this assault up, use the damaged stairs on the platform to leap to a brand new one. If you land, instantly flip and use the chance to deal out enormous harm to its weak spot.

Whether or not you select to kill the boss straight or tackle its guardian assemble, you’ll finally drop this nasty creature and earn your reward. There’s nothing else to find within the boss area, so be at liberty to go again to Ward 13 and go to McCabe so you possibly can craft a brand new weapon with whichever merchandise you acquired.

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