Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.3.2 Apk Obb (Real Names)


Download Football Manager 2022 Mobile Apk Obb (FM 2022) with license issues fixed, various teams Save Data file available to provide real players names, face pack and kits update, real team names also fixed.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile enables you to manage or start a football career by establishing a Football club, choosing from various virtual football teams, competing in five leagues, and reaching the top of the league by winning most of your football matches.

The ability to buy and sell players within the game to another club for in-game virtual money is possible in the Football Manager 2022 for Android, as you can sell players who have dropped in ratings.

You can also use store items that enable you to unlock some restricted features of FM 2022 Mobile, all this can be unlocked for free without making any purchase.

Agents are available in Football Manager 2022 for Android, These agents help you to look for good players who are willing to join your soccer club, a similar feature can also be found in Dream League Soccer available on this website.

From now on you can load up to five nations when you want to start your managerial football career, which in turn gives you the ability to unlock a large pool of players such as Wonder Kids.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile Apk Obb - FM 22

Features Of Football Manager 2022 Mobile For Android 

Below are the latest features of Football Manger 2022 Mobile for Android:

  • More than 60 Leagues added from leading nations around the world.
  • Sign global superstars along side wonder kids to empower your team.
  • Be inspired with new tactical formation template available within the soccer management team.
  • Enjoy fully unlocked version of FM 2022 Mobile Apk for free without licensed issues.
  • Bundles store unlocked.
  • Get real player names and fixed team names.
  • Recent players transfers.

Download Football Manager 2022 Mobile Apk Obb Save Data files

Click on the working link below, which will take you to the page where you can download latest FM 2022 Mobile Apk obb files. further read steps on how to set up Football Manager 2022 Mobile on your Android device below.

Obb File

Obb FM 22 Mobile 13.3.2 rar (609 MB)

Apk App 

FM 2022 Mobile 13.3.2 Apk (20 MB)

To fix FM 2022 unable to start kindly remove Google account from your device then load the game again or open the game from Google play store. 

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How To Install FM 2022 Mobile Apk Obb

FM 2022 Mobile Save Data File For Real Names

FM 2022 Mobile Face Pack File

How to Unlock FM 2022 Mobile Store For In-Game Editor

Advanced Method To Unlock FM 2022 Mobile Store + Editor

Zarchiver App To extract Rar Files

Download Zarchiver Pro Apk 

How To Install Football Manager Mobile Apk Obb

Follow the steps below in order to get the Football Manager Mobile version working on your device.

Steps to install FM 2022 Apk Obb are: 

  1. Open the installed Zarchiver App.
  2. Click on the downloaded “FM 2022 obb rar file”.
  3. Options menu will come up.
  4. “Click Extract” from the options menu list.
  5. Go to “Internal, Device or phone memory”.
  6. Click “Android folder”.
  7. While in the Android folder “click Obb folder”.
  8. Now “click the Extract icon” which looks like an arrow pointing downwards – the Obb file will be extracted completely after the progress bar reaches 100%.
  9. Finally, Install FM 2022 Apk and load the game with one of the Save Data files you downloaded below to get real player names.

FM 2022 Mobile Save Data Files To Get Real Player Names

Here are Club save data files to download and get Real Player Names below, Follow the steps to load it up in your Football Manager 2022 Mobile edition.

Android 11 users above will be asked to create a folder where they can load the Save Data file, so follow the on-screen instructions.

Steps on how to use FM 2022 Mobile Save Data File (For Android >> 4.4 to 10):

  1. Open the installed Zarchiver Apk App.
  2. Click on the downloaded save data file below.
  3. From the options menu that comes up…
  4. Click “Extract”.
  5. Click on 0/Storage/emulated or something similar.
  6. Now click on Device Memory from the drop-down menu.
  7. Scroll down a bit or look for the Documents Folder and click it.
  8. Click the Sports Interactive folder.
  9. Click the Football Manager 2022 Manager folder.
  10. Click “Normal folder”.
  11. Finally, click “games folder” and extract your downloaded saved data file into the games folder.

If your documents folder is empty, you have to use the documents folder that can be found in the Android/data folder. That means you will have to go to the Android folder in your device memory using the Zarchiver app, then click Data Folder, now locate folder, inside you, will see the documents folder to use, then follow Step 8 above downwards.  

Transfers Update Save Data ( Supports Version 13.2.0 above)

Arsenal FM 22 Save Data

Aston Villa FM 22 Save Data(Updated)

Atlectico Bilboa FM Save Data

AC Milan FM Save Data

AS Roma FM Save Data

AS Monaco Save Data

Ajax FC FM 22 Save Data

Atlectico Madrid FM 22 Save Data

Atalanta FM Save Data

Barcelona FM 22 Save Data

Besiktas FM Save Data

Benfica FM Save Data

Borrusia Dortmund FM 22 Save Data

Borrussia M’glabach FM Save Data

Boca Juniors FM Save Data

Bayern Munich FM Save Data

Bayer 04 Leverkusen FM 22 Save Data

Brighton FM Save Data

Celtic FM Save Data

Chelsea FM Save Data

CSKA Moscow FM 22 Save Data

Crystal Palace FM Save Data

Derby FM Save Data

Everton FM 22 Save Data

FC Porto FM Save Data

Fenerbahce FM Save Data

Fiorentina FM 22 Save Data(Fixed)

Fulham FM  Save Data

Galatasaray FM Save Data

Inter Milan FM Save Data

Juventus FM Save Data

Kaizer Chiefs FM 22 Save Data

Lazio FM Save Data

Legia FM Save Data

Leeds United FM Save Data

Leicester FM Save Data 

Liverpool FM Save Data

Leipzig FM Save Data

Lyon FM Save Data

Lille – LOSC FM Save Data

Manchester United FM Save Data

Manchester City FM Save Data

Napoli FM Save Data

Newcastle FM Save Data

Norwich City FM Save Data

Olympique Marseille FM Save Data

Paris FC FM Save Data

PSG Save Data

Real Sociedad FM Save Data

Real Madrid FM 22 Save Data

Schalke 04 FM Save Data

Spartak Moscow FM Save Data

Sporting CP FM 22 Save Data

Sunderland FM 22 Save Data

Southampton FM Save Data

Sutton United FM Save Data

Trabzonspor FM Save Data

Tottenham FM Save Data

Union SG FM Save

Valencia FM Save Data

Villarreal FM Save Data

Watford FM Save Data

Westbroom FM Data

West Ham FM 22 Save Data

Wisla Krakow FM Save Data

Wolves FM Save Data

Wolfsburg FM Save Data

Zenit FM Save Data

Unemployed Manager Save Data 

Unemployed Manager FM Save Data

National Teams Save Data 

Nigeria FM 22 National Save Data

Turkey National Save Data

South Africa FM 22 National Team Save Data

Brazil National Team FM 22 Save Data

Argentina National FM 22 Save Data

DR Congo National FM Save Data

Poland FM 22 National Save Data

England National Team Save Data

France National Team FM Save Data

Below is the face pack file for Football Manager 2022 Mobile, it is large in size so you will need enough space in your device to use it. Note that it might slow down your FM 22 app because of it size ( not common and varies with device speed).

Kindly follow the steps to extract into the right folder below.

How to extract and use FM 2022 Mobile face pack: 

  1. Using installed Zarchiver Apk A’pp.
  2. Open it and locate the downloaded  FM 2022 Face Pack Rar file.
  3. Click on the rar file and the options menu will come up.
  4. From the options menu click “Extract”.
  5. Now click 0/storage/emulated at the top of the Zarchiver app interface.
  6. From the drop-down menu click “Device Memory”.
  7. Now locate the Android folder and click it.
  8. Then click “Data Folder”.
  9. Now click the extract icon that looks like an arrow pointing downwards to begin extracting the face packs.
  10. Now go to your FM 22 mobile game app and click settings, click View, Click Reload User Interface and scroll down to click Reload Skin. This will now bring up player faces.

Link To Download FM 22 Mobile Face Pack 

How To Unlock FM 22 Mobile Store And Get In-Game Editor Plus Other Unlockables

Follow the steps below to unlock the Football Manager 2022 Mobile store and get in the game editor and other items for free.

What You Need 

  • Already installed FM 2022 Mobile Normal mod APK above.
  • The latest FM 2022 APK Can be Downloaded Above.
  • Latest Lucky Patcher App >> Download Latest Lucky Patcher Apk>>
  • Carefully follow the steps below.

Steps to Unlock FM 22 Mobile Store: 

  1. Install Lucky Patcher Apk App.
  2. Go to your Android Phone Settings and click on Apps, then locate and allow all permissions for Lucky Patcher.Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  3. Now open Luck Patcher and click on the menu at the top left corner of the app. Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  4. Click on Switches. Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  5. Click Enable Google Billing Emulation and also enable “Proxy Server For of inapp purchases”. Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  6. Now locate FM 22 Mobile in Lucky Patcher and click on it. Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  7. Now click on “Menu of Patches”. Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  8. Then further click on “Apk Rebuilt and LVL emulation”.Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  9. Now Tick or click “Support patch for LVL and Inapp emulation” only from the options available, do not tick any other box, please. Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  10. Scroll down and click “Rebuild The App” and wait till everything is successfully done. Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  11. Now click on the FM 2022 Mobile Apk Lucky Patcher mod and install it over the existing the first modded version above that you have already installed. Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  12. After installing open the FM 22 App and go to the store, then Click on “All Items Bundle” and a pop-up will come up….(Read Step 13). Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  13. Then Tick the two boxes that you can see in the image below. Click “Yes” to unlock the store completely.
    Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
    Tick The Two Boxes And Click Yes.

    Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)

Advanced Method To Unlock FM 2022 Mobile Store (Video)

Follow the steps in the video below and download the required files to unlock the FM 2022 mobile store easily using X8 Sandbox with Jasi Patcher.

Files Needed: 

  1. X8 Sandbox Apk Latest Download Link >>>
  2. X8 Helper Apk For Android 12 Download Link >>>
  3. Jasi Patcher Apk Alternative to Lucky Patcher Download Link >>>
  4. You have to enable Developer options on your Android device too.

Watch Tutorial Video

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