Exoprimal review: stop worrying and learn to love dino carnage


A group of players fights a T-Rex in Exoprimal.

“Exoprimal calls for a variety of endurance, however those that keep it up will uncover a surprisingly revolutionary multiplayer shooter.”


  • Ridiculously enjoyable idea
  • Numerous character lessons
  • Plenty of customization
  • Evolving gameplay
  • Modern multiplayer storytelling


  • Requires a variety of endurance
  • Stay service frustrations

Once I play Exoprimal, it appears like getting into an alternate timeline — one the place The Last of Us by no means existed.

Think about this courageous new world: We by no means get a groundbreaking piece of interactive storytelling that might push builders to chase Hollywood fashion and produce “cinematic” video games. Grimdark storytelling would by no means turn into trendy. Grounded realism can be a distinct segment reserved for high-budget simulations like Call of Duty. Each different trendy pattern, like battle move pushed on-line multiplayer, would proceed, however video games would proceed to evolve from the type of unabashedly bombastic video games that have been commonplace earlier than the 2010s. That’s the evolutionary what-if state of affairs Exoprimal delivers and I want I may keep there with it.

As long as you’re keen to provide in to its excessive silliness, Exoprimal is a deliriously enjoyable team-based dinosaur shooter that delivers popcorn spectacle higher than most trendy motion video games. It’s a inventive multiplayer premise that prioritizes moment-to-moment thrills above all else and that’s refreshing in 2023. Even when it’s pushed to extinction in a couple of years by some trendy reside service pitfalls, there’s a lot innovation hiding in its bones that may go away future builders with a ton of nice concepts to exhume.

Dino disaster

Regardless of having some similarities to a variety of different multiplayer video games, Exoprimal is its own beast entirely. It’s largely a squad-based PvE recreation during which gamers battle off waves of dinosaurs that spawn from sky portals. Probably the most speedy enjoyment comes from mowing down tons of of dinosaurs, from zombie-like velociraptor hordes to monumental Triceratopses. It’s a normal wave protection premise reimagined in essentially the most over-the-top means Capcom may consider. Name me easy, however I’m not resistant to the childlike pleasure that comes from beating the snot out of a T-Rex with a robotic.

Barrage Exosuit in Exoprimal.

There’s a aggressive side to that too, although, as two groups of 5 are competing to finish the identical string of goals quickest. After operating round a map and clearing a couple of rounds, groups race into one in all many doable endgames. These will be both PvE or PvP-focused. One endgame has groups racing to push a payload to a goal vacation spot on the identical map, permitting them to lastly face off and gun one another down. It’s a “better of each worlds” state of affairs. It offers groups time to speak and construct a working technique in opposition to computer-controlled dinos earlier than throwing them right into a high-stakes finale that requires stronger coordination.

The nearer you look, the extra you possibly can see DNA from different multiplayer video games thoughtfully baked into its personal. Probably the most obvious comparison is Overwatch, as Exoprimal is a “hero shooter” that revolves round totally distinct mech lessons (break up between assault, tank, and help). Krieger is a Bastion-like mech that fires a minigun and generates shields, whereas Witchdoctor creates therapeutic areas and paralyzes dinos with an electrical beam. With separate development and alternate builds for every, there’s a ton to tinker round with.

You haven’t lived till you’ve blocked a charging Triceratops with an vitality defend …

What’s much more spectacular than the vary of play types, although, is simply how persistently enjoyable every is. Once I soar in Murasame’s cockpit, Exoprimal turns right into a hack-and-slash motion recreation as I slice via dinosaurs with an outsized sword. I expertise a completely totally different thrill once I play because the Reinhardt-esque Roadblock; you haven’t lived till you’ve blocked a charging Triceratops with an vitality defend, holding robust to see which immovable object budges first. Even lessons I initially didn’t click on with have turn into a few of my favorites as soon as I labored out their technique. Skywave has shortly turn into one in all my favourite healers, as it might launch excessive into the air and rain down each assaults and therapeutic pictures.

I can see bits and items of different nice multiplayer video games within the system too. In match endgames, every workforce can summon a controllable dinosaur (a dominant) that they will ship to disrupt enemies, an thrilling spin on Destiny 2’s Gambit invasion system. Every character may equip totally different perks and secondary instruments like private shields, bringing me again to my Titanfall 2 glory days. It’s a variety of techniques I like from different video games packed into one which has me blowing up a charging Pachycephalosaurs with a landmine as my machine-gun-wielding teammate juggles it in midair. What extra are you able to ask for?

An evolving shooter

Should you have been to solely play 9 rounds of Exoprimal, chances are you’ll discover it enjoyable however too sparse to maintain a live-service multiplayer recreation. That will be a completely honest perspective, because it’s an inherently repetitive recreation. Whereas it appears to be like like a workforce shooter full of complicated methods, it’s extra akin to a super-sized Dynasty Warriors title. That’s an acquired style I’ve grown to like over the previous few years, as I click on with the directly thrilling and morbidly Zen joys of obliterating tons of of enemies, however the style is area of interest for a cause.

Deadeye fights dinosaurs in Exoprimal

To actually get what makes it particular, although, it is advisable to hit your tenth recreation — one thing Exoprimal hides from gamers, each for higher and worse. Taking after its personal dinosaurs, Exoprimal is totally constructed round evolution. After these preliminary 10 rounds, the core recreation begins to vary. New maps are peppered into the combo, mutated dinosaur breeds begin attacking, and additional endgame situations be part of the rotation. Any criticism I initially had a few lack of content material started to fade the deeper I received.

The adjustments are often drastic, which creates a degree of shock that we don’t typically see in a mechanical multiplayer recreation like this. Round 15 matches in, my workforce loaded into a normal Dino Survival spherical solely to be confronted by a beforehand unseen NPC who joined us. The AI overlord operating the wargames, a rogue program dubbed Leviathan, freaked out in regards to the unauthorized intruder and flipped into protection mode. After we received to the tip of our goals, we have been thrown into an MMO-like raid state of affairs. Hundreds of raptors poured out of a large portal within the sky, throwing a completely sudden wrench into the equation. Moments like that saved me on my toes, desperate to see how it will twist my expectations once I was least anticipating it.

Exoprimal is a powerful 15-hour story marketing campaign ingeniously baked right into a progression-filled multiplayer shooter.

That trick has some thematic relevance too. Exoprimal has a much bigger story emphasis than its friends, step by step constructing the thriller of what triggered the dino outbreaks via unlockable lore snippets. It’s a B-movie narrative centered round a quippy misfit squad making an attempt to uncover the items, however it capabilities as a well-timed sci-fi cautionary story. A serious piece of the thriller revolves round an unregulated megacorporation creating dangerous tech within the title of revenue, together with a harmful AI overlord that’s grown uncontrolled. Generally evolution, each in biology and tech, is a wondrous factor that helps a species adapt to a continually altering world. However these adjustments can come on the expense of nature’s weakest hyperlinks. Exoprimal performs with that dynamic each in its story and the mounting threats in its multiplayer rounds.

It’s a surprisingly high-concept concept for a recreation like this, and one which calls for a variety of unearned endurance early on. With no indication that the sport itself is in a continuing state of mutation, it initially looks like a skinny thrill that’ll solely preserve mates entertained for a couple of nights. In reality, Exoprimal is a powerful 15-hour story marketing campaign ingeniously baked right into a progression-filled multiplayer shooter. Keep it up and also you’re in for an enormous sci-fi blockbuster with a variety of meat on its monumental bones.

And in the event you don’t care about any of that: dinosaurs go growth. It’s so simple as that.

Going through extinction

Although I am keen on Exoprimal, I really feel like I already know its destiny. As an online-only recreation releasing at full value throughout a second when even essentially the most inventive multiplayer video games are shutting down, it’s destined for extinction. Even its lore tidbits are inaccessible offline, as I’m continuously reminded once I’m booted out of a cutscene as a consequence of a random server challenge and compelled to begin it over. For a recreation like this to outlive, it wanted to be the strongest predator on the scene at launch. That’s not the case for quite a lot of causes.

Murasame slashes at enemies in Exoprimal

A few of these are small and could possibly be mounted with a fast patch down the road. Some management complexities make equipping perks and kit extra cumbersome than it must be and its tiny UI will be robust to decipher. Different threats are extra existential. It has a prehistoric method to cross-play help and options no cross-progression. It’s additionally a full-priced recreation that also features a paid battle move, a store stuffed with cosmetics, and even nice exosuits locked behind paywalls. Even with an preliminary launch on Xbox Sport Cross to ease in a brand new participant base, these limitations and aggressive monetization places some clear design flaws within the new IP’s potential evolutionary line.

Granted, there’s a transparent imaginative and prescient for its future that does encourage hope. We already comprehend it’ll get an infusion of new exosuit variants, new maps, and a few delightfully foolish crossover collaborations with video games like Avenue Fighter 6. With a sturdy, comparatively bug-free basis, I do consider Capcom is well-positioned to evolve the reside service venture significantly better than, say, 343 Industries was with its featured-devoid Halo Infinite launch. For many who are keen to hold on till that inevitable meteor wipes out Exoprimal’s servers, there must be sufficient content material to return again to.

It’s a flightless chook that carries itself with the arrogance of a swan.

Even when there isn’t, I’m unsure Exoprimal actually wants it to be price its price ticket. Due to its well-integrated story, it’s one thing that may be loved as a 15-hour marketing campaign. It’s virtually constructed with gamers’ waning consideration spans in thoughts, permitting anybody keen to spend per week or two with it to return away with a full expertise. I actually really feel like I’ve gotten my fill simply as a lot as I’d have taking part in 20 hours of Diablo 4. Does it actually matter how I arrived at my hour depend if I loved each minute it took to get there?

Exoprimal’s time on this Earth is bound to be temporary because it’s devoured by a lot greater multiplayer predators able to shape-shifting to match each business local weather change. However for as soon as, I discover myself at peace with that risk; it’s simply nature. Moderately than anxiously hoping it’ll stave off a untimely demise — like a drained scientist making an attempt to pressure disinterested rhinos to breed — I’m wholeheartedly savoring each second I spend with Exoprimal whereas it’s right here. It could have the brains of a dodo, however that’s what I discover so endearing about it. It’s a flightless chook that carries itself with the arrogance of a swan.

Exoprimal was reviewed on a PS5 hooked as much as a TCL 6-Series R635.

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