Projects in Electronics – Ebook

The twenty-sixth book in the Electronics Projects series is currently available and was produced by EFY Enterprises Pvt Ltd. It is a compilation of 71 circuit ideas and 21 construction projects that appeared in the 2005 issue of Electronics For You.

As has become customary, any alterations, improvements, and additions submitted by readers and authors have been integrated into the articles. We make a sincere effort to ensure that every job is complete and free of errors. If readers are unable to complete a circuit successfully for any reason, EFY is not responsible.

All classes of electronics enthusiasts—students, teachers, hobbyists, and professionals—would have access to this handy volume’s collection of tried-and-true circuit concepts and building projects as a valuable resource for electronic circuits that can be made with easily accessible and affordably priced parts.

Both alone and in conjunction with other circuits described in this and earlier volumes, these circuits can be employed. Like its predecessors, we are optimistic that this volume will spark a lot of reader interest.

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