Lost to You

Lost to You

Romance #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List

Our lives are enriched by the presence of others. Some people stay, while others leave. Some people help us grow, while others break us down. They become our allies, adversaries, lovers, and tormentors. I knew I’d never be the same after Christian Davison walked into my life.

New York City has always been a fantasy for Elizabeth Ayers. She’s worked hard her entire life to get here.

Christian Davison had no choice but to attend Columbia University if he wanted to one day take over his father’s legal company.

After being partnered as study partners, neither of them wanted anything more until they sat across from each other at a café table. Christian is smitten with Elizabeth, but she knows better than to succumb to their mutual passion.

Despite this, there isn’t much she can do to keep away.

Take and Lost to You This Regret is a collection of short stories that can be read on their own. The following is the recommended reading order: If Forever Comes, Take This Regret, Lost to You

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